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Tender and flavorful. Hand packed in olive oil.

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APPLICATIONS: Try these in a salad with orange or grapefruit segments and radicchio or tossed with celery and olives. Excellent with boiled or sautéed potatoes and a light dusting of pimentón.

GALICIA IS BORDERED TO THE NORTH BY THE CANTABRIAN SEA AND BY THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ON ITS WEST. IT HAS OVER 1000 MILES OF COASTLINE. THE ATLANTIC COAST IS CHARACTERIZED BY RIAS, RIVER VALLEYS THAT HAVE BEEN CLAIMED BY THE SEA. Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean’s currents, these estuaries waters are among the richest and productive on the planet. The bounty of these waters makes Galicia the source of the finest conservas, preserved seafood, in the world.

Portomar is in Vilagarcía, the heart of the Ria de Arousa. It is a privileged place in Galicia for harvesting and preserving the most exquisite seafood. All products are prepared with 100% natural ingredients, without additives, colorants or preservatives.