Sapori Di Casa Tagliatelle Free Range Eggs



Family owned company

Highest quality, fresh, free-range eggs are used

Pasta cooks quickly and evenly and has a light, chewy texture

Perfect for cream sauces, with fish and seafood

Available in: 9 oz

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Produced and packed in Italy, this superior egg pasta delivers on its name with authentic homemade flavor. Sapori di Casa is made with fresh eggs only, cracked at the moment of production, and no added water. Gently kneaded and monitored closely for moisture content and elasticity, the dough is then extruded via a unique process that results in extraordinarily porous pasta, perfect for absorbing sauces and cooking liquids. This pasta cooks extremely quickly, in 1-2 minutes, and has a lovely, light chewy texture with enough elasticity to cradle your pasta sauce. Try Sapori di Casa with fish sauces, cream sauces and putanesca sauce. An elegant alternative, to heartier bronze dye cut pastas.

A small family-owned company, Sapori di Casa handcrafts one of the highest quality egg pastas in Italy. Using specially designed machinery, Sapori di Casa employs an exclusive, unique and original process to pasta making. Sapori di Casa egg pasta is pure, light, tasteful and wholesome; the perfect complement to all your favorite sauces.