Safinter Smoked Paprika – Hot Foodservice size



DOP Pimenton de la Vera

Peppers are traditionally smoke-dried over Holm oak for a distinctively smoky aroma, flavor and intense color

Classic ingredient in many Spanish dishes, like paella, chicken stews, rubs and garnish

Hot - smoky and aromatic with mild heat and spice from Ocal and Jaranda hot peppers

Food service size

Available in: 26.45 oz

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The secret of this paprika's excellence lies in the laborious and delicate process by which it is dried. A hearth filled with Holm oak wood is kept burning until the fruits become perfectly dehydrated. It is a slow process that takes between ten and fifteen days to complete. Experts turn each pepper by hand until dry perfection is achieved. This traditional system of drying gives the paprika its three fundamental characteristics: balanced aroma, flavor and stability of color. Safinter smoked paprika is available in three flavors: sweet, bittersweet and hot. It will magically transform any dish it touches! Try it on pasta, meat, rice or as an addition to sauces, vinaigrettes, and stews.

Since 1912, the Gonzalez family has sold top-grade saffron from Albacete, a Spanish city in the famous 'La Mancha' region renown for superior-quality saffron. In addition, the renowned Spanish company also offers extraordinary Pimenton (smoked paprika) in three varieties: bittersweet, hot and sweet. (Spain).


The Safinter brand came into being decades ago as a product line to target international markets with the quality guarantee of Valgosa. Consumers demand high quality products and the Safinter products are a benchmark for the gourmet markets worldwide. Both saffron and La Vera Paprika are the items found at the center of the product line. They have developed a versatile and protective packaging that keeps these products in perfect conditions, which maintains the freshest quality of product.