Melchiorri Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Frantoio



Made from 65% Frantoio Olives, 25% Moraiolo Olives, 10% Leccino Olives. This oil is well-balanced fruitiness and bitterness. Notes of artichoke and fresh herbs.

Available in: 750 ml

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Frantoio extra virgin olive oil is composed from 65% Frantoio Olives, 25% Moraiolo Olives, and 10% Leccino Olives. This olive oil has a medium pungency and has a very fruit taste. Frantoio will remind you of artichokes and fresh herbs. Application: Bruschetta, Salads, Fish, and Vegetables

Situated in the heart of Umbria, Melchiorri Gianfranco has been in the market now for more than 50 years. Thanks to careful craftsmanship, our products feature exceptional characteristics of goodness and taste.