Giulio Bulloni

Giulio Bulloni

Giulio Bulloni

Country and Region: Sardinia, Italy


Pane Carasatu or sheet music bread, is the artisan staple from the island of Sardinia. The bread was originally baked for nomadic island shepherds, who enjoyed it with sheep’s milk cheese and olive oil. The ‘Panificio’ (bakery) Giulio Bulloni was created in 1970 by Celeste Bulloni and her family. The children continue to carry on their mother’s legacy today by maintaining the same standards of production for this artisanal product.


Giulio Bulloni Crispbread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3.55 oz, 8.9 oz - Italy


Giulio Bulloni Crispbread

3.55 oz, 8.9 oz - Italy



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