Galateo & Friends Apple Dressing Vinegar



Combination of apple vinegar and apple must

Deep apple flavor and balanaced acidity

Mellow flavor is perfect for dressings and for deglazing meats

Available in: 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml

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Apple dressing is the result of a delicate and wise combination between apple vinegar and apple must. It has a brilliant, warm golden color and a fresh, well balanced sweet-and-sour apple flavor. The sweetness of the apple and the acidity of the vinegar adds an aromatic and mellow flavor to vegetables and greens. It is great on roasted meat, bacon, and fresh fruits.

Galateo & Friends is a young Brand created in 2002 in Liguria, in the town of Arma di Taggia. The Company, characterized by a strong olive-oil vocation, produces extra virgin olive oil made from Ligurian olives of the quality "taggiasca", balsamic and wine vinegar, dressings and a selection of Italian products. The food concept proposed by Galateo & Friends is expressed by the motto "The Good captured within The Beautiful", a formula offering the best of the Italian food excellence and good living, national characteristics which have given Italy the capacity of standing out amongst the rest of the world and teaching other countries about the Italian lifestyle.


Created by Marco Bonaldo, previously a founder of the brand Terre Bormane and always careful about the line's quality, this original project matches a high-quality food design line and an original, exclusive collection of tableware imagined by the famous creator and global designer Jacqueline Morabito. The bottles have expressly been realized on the original drawings, made exclusively for Galateo & Friends, and are reminiscent of the old aluminum cans, yet re-proposed and updated by their contemporary cut. A real life style which, as the Company's brand itself evokes, dusts off the old Galateo into a modern key and gives space to the collaborations with a number of "friends" that succeed one another in time with their original creations.


Designers, fashion designers, internationally renowned chefs, bloggers, architects, Hotels in the world have played a strong role into making the Brand stronger by means of their creativity and mastery, letting our products become even more precious and original, under the sign of "good taste": a fil rouge representing the Company's constant factor.


The gastronomic gamma which has conquered the tables of the most famous starred restaurants in the world will delight the gourmets and lovers of good-food, providing them the chance to choose from a variety of oils and dressings, salts and peppers with different origins, pastas, rices and rare delicacies.