Conservas Ortiz Mussels Fried In Escabeche 10-14Pcs



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From the Ria de Arosa region of Spain, know for their shellfish

Cooked in Olive Oil with a blend of vinegar, bay and paprika

Plump and tender, perfect to serve right out of can

Available in: 0.25 oz / 115 g

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New from Ortiz, mussels cooked in olive oil and packed in escabeche. These meaty and tender mussels come from the Ria de Arosa, the most famous shellfish producing area of Spain and are processed on site for maximum freshness. The sauce is a delicious blend of olive oil, vinegar, bay and paprika. These mussels are perfect to serve right out of the can!

In 1891, Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate founded in Vizcaya (Spain) Conservas Ortiz. Since then, five generations have overseen the family business and continued to advance the artisanal and traditional fishing and processing techniques of Bernardo. From the beginning, Ortiz has dedicated itself to the preparation of the highest quality canned seafood. Today the Conservas Ortiz label is one of the most recognized labels in the world for tuna, anchovies and other related specialty canned fish, with products sold in over 40 countries.