Grey Sea Salt with Spiced Pepper Blend Jar



Blend of Grey Sea Salt and four different Peppercorns, paprika and herbs

100% all natural product. No additives, chemicals or refinement

Authentic & traditional harvesting methods - by hand

Adds a rich, smoky flavor to barbeque rubs, marinades, roasts. Grind to add an extra layer of flavor

Available in: 8.8 oz

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Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt Spiced Pepper Blend of various peppercorns with carefully selected herbs and spices will add a dynamic and smoky flavor to almost any culinary preparation. Use this blend in barbecue rubs, marinades, on roasted vegetables and meats. This flavor give a unique taste to sauces, soups, sautées and broths.

Harvesting since the XII th century, the Île de Ré, or Isle of Ré, is the most historic place for French sea salt harvesting. The Sel Gris was the most important product produced on the island, and was shipped all over France and Europe to be used to conserve meats and fish during hunting, fishing and transit. In the 1920s, with the invention of machine harvesting and the railways gaining popularity, the consumers turned to machine harvested salts as to save time and money. The salt industry on the Island drastically dropped until the 1970s.


The salt marshes on the Île de Ré are located 40 km from the coastline, insuring clean water intake, free from the risks of maritime and land pollution, which is unique because of the multiple basins that are used to store incoming ocean water, and the natural plants and plankton that naturally filter the water. The salt pans are much smaller than those of Guérande, and they use a primary « dosage / feeding pool » that allows the salt-workers to slowly let water into the final salt pans and control the quality and salinity of the water before harvesting.


The Sel marin is exceptional due to its high nutrient content coming from the unique clay lined beds found specifically on the Island. The Fleur de Sel is unique because of its small, delicate crystals, and soft, non-aggressive taste.