Safinter Saffron


Family owned fields and production of highest quality Saffron from Albacete in the La Mancha region of Spain where the best saffron is grown

Each stigma is hand picked, dried and graded to specifications ensuring highest color, aroma and taste

Category 1 ISO 3632

Convenient individual packs of .5 grams

Available in: 0.5 gr, 1 gr


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Saffron, the dried stigma of the Crocus Sativus plant, is the world's most precious spice, owing to the fact that it takes 160,000 flowers to produce 1 kg. Safinter follows ISO -3632 standards in its gardening technique and quality control. The saffron flower must be handpicked at dawn when it is in bloom. Saffron is only in bloom from 15 to 20 days of the year, usually during the end of October. The flowers are collected in baskets and transported to the village, where the precious stigmas are removed by hand. General guidelines for judging the quality of Saffron before purchasing it are to look for the following: Genuine La Mancha Saffron filaments should be joined in three's at the base, they should be between two and four cm. long and their color should be a vibrant, bright red, never dark.

Since 1912, the Gonzalez family has sold top-grade saffron from Albacete, a Spanish city in the famous 'La Mancha' region renown for superior-quality saffron. In addition, the renowned Spanish company also offers extraordinary Pimenton (smoked paprika) in three varieties: bittersweet, hot and sweet. (Spain).


The Safinter brand came into being decades ago as a product line to target international markets with the quality guarantee of Valgosa. Consumers demand high quality products and the Safinter products are a benchmark for the gourmet markets worldwide. Both saffron and La Vera Paprika are the items found at the center of the product line. They have developed a versatile and protective packaging that keeps these products in perfect conditions, which maintains the freshest quality of product.