Riseria Campanini Arborio Box



Third-generation Campanini family produces superior Italian rice

All natural with no chemical treatment

Certified Kosher

Very wide and long grain with a central wide pearl - cookis in approximately 14 minutes

Great for risottos

Available in: 1 LB

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The rice is natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment. Quality rice has the following properties: it absorbs its cooking liquid well, each grain remains consistent, and it is not sticky.


This rice has a very wide and long grain with a central wide pearl. It is the most well known Italian rice and cooks in approximately 14 minutes. During the cooking process, the external part of Campanini's Arborio cooks quicker than the central part. The result is rice that is perfectly "Al Dente," and is great for making Risotto with a firm texture.

For three generations, the Campanini family has produced superior Italian rice. It is located in a small riseria where production is under the strict supervision of the family.