Coquet Whole Piquillo Peppers


Whole, ripe Piquillo Peppers from Spain

Fire roasted flavor with firm texture

Perfect served as tapas, paired with jamon, marcona almonds and manchego. Use in salads or in hors d'oeuvres

Certified Kosher-Parve

Available in: 9.5 oz


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Savor the bounty of Spain in these whole ripe Piquillo peppers. These peppers are fire roasted enhancing their sweet, tangy flavor with a bit of smokiness. Piquillos have a smooth firm texture with a delightful fruitiness.


Use in salads, blend in soups, or stuff whole with tuna for a fantastic appetizer. These all-purpose peppers will add flavor and color to any dish in your kitchen!

Arising from Spain's grand horticultural tradition of fresh marinated vegetables from the Ebro river delta, Industrias Coquet has been an indisputable specialist of marinated garlics for the past 40 years. Their family's roots in the area and the local traditions, helped them to craft authentic recipes with distinctive personalities for their products that cannot be found anywhere else. All Coquet products are produced by hand in small batches. Coquet marinated garlics are washed in fresh water until all the 'bite' is gone, leaving only a sweet delicate garlic flavor that marries perfectly with jamon, marcona almonds, piquillo peppers and manchego.