776 Greek Mastic Honey




100% Greek Honey with Mastic oil

All natural, not heated or filtered

Pleasant herbal, pine aroma with sweet honey

Use in a vinaigrette or mix with lemonade

Available in: 250 ML

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Our beekeepers pride themselves on producing only the highest quality honey that is not heated or filtered so all the goodness remains.


This is a unique combination of local raw honey with a dash of oil of Mastiha. Mastiha, the resin from the Mastic tree, adds a pleasant herbal, pine aroma to the honey. Use it in a vinaigrette or mixed with lemonade.

In 776 BC the first Olympic games took place in ancient Olympia. Thousands of years later in the greater Olympia region, 776 Deluxe Foods strives to continue this winning tradition by presenting the best food the region has to offer.