776 Greek Honey with Hazelnut Paste



100% Greek Honey with Hazelnut paste

Mixture of 77% honey and 23% hazelnut paste

Thick spreadable honey, perfect on toast or Greek yogurt

Available in: 250 ML


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Our beekeepers pride themselves on producing only the highest quality honey that is not heated or filtered so all the goodness remains.


Imagine the combination of the pleasant sweetness of honey with the roundness of a hazelnut cream? The "experiment" was carried out by 776 Deluxe and the result is this unique Honey with Hazelnut Cream--a new concept of dessert spread. This innovative spread is a blend of 77% honey and 23% hazelnut paste which creates a sweet, nutty, and flavorful treat. This thick spread is perfect on bread or in Greek yogurt.

In 776 BC the first Olympic games took place in ancient Olympia. Thousands of years later in the greater Olympia region, 776 Deluxe Foods strives to continue this winning tradition by presenting the best food the region has to offer.