A L’Olivier Basquaise Pepper Fruit Vinegar


40% pulp of red peppers and white wine vinegar

Made from peppers of the Basque region of France

Complements meats, like rack of lamb, oultry and calamari

Pairs well with basil infused oils and adds zip to a Bloody Mary!

Available in: 200 ML, 250 ML

$12.00 $10.80

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Made from the famous pepper of the Basque region, this is a wonderful accompaniment to fresh salads, eggs, and any meat which would be complimented with the pepper's spicy flavor. Use to deglaze a rack of lamb, poultry, vegetables, and calamari for a Meditteranean flavor. This vinegar also pairs well with basil and garlic thyme infused oils, in addition to extra virgin olive oil.

Since 1822, A L'Olivier has been a purveyor of fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils to refined Parisian palates. With beautifully presented products, bolstered with a World-renowned reputation for quality, A L'Olivier is a leader in the specialty food community. Their product line has expanded over time to now include delicious fresh Fruit Vinegars, Traditional and Balsamic Vinegars, and Herb Infused Olive Oils.


Gold sofi Award Winner for 'Outstanding Product Line'