Confiseur Mazet Tablette Noir Praslines/Bitter Praslines Chocolate Bar


Hand crafted chocolates from Maison Mazet

Beautifully wrapped 100g bars

Dark chocolate with crunchy, toasted almonds coated in caramelized sugar

Available in: 3.5 oz / 100 g


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One can indulge in Mazet's signature praline in this chcoalate bar which combines gems of crunchy, toasted almonds coated in carmelized sugar with smooth, dark chocolate.

Maison Mazet is a family owned confectionery that Leon Mazet bought 107 years ago, famous for the original 'Prasline Mazet de Montargis' a perfectly roasted and caramelized almond. The recipe for which has remained unchanged since its creation in 1636. Maison Mazet now makes a wide range of delicacies and chocolates that you can still find in the original shop in Montargis's Place Mirabeau where they continue to maintain the highest standard for their handcrafted chocolates and confections according to the family tradition.