Lazzaroni Amaretti Di Saronno Cookies Refill




Italian cookie made with sugar, apricot kernels and egg whites

Light and crisp with a subtle almond flavor

Traditional recipe of Saronno, Italy, since 1888

Refill bag for tins

Available in: 1 LB, 7 oz

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The recipe of the Amaretti is an old secret which has been preserved by Lazzaroni since 1718. The story goes that at least three centuries ago the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno. Two young lovers, to honor him, concocted in a rush a mixture of sugar, apricot kernels and egg white, cooking it in the oven and obtaining sultry round cookies. These cookies featured at the same time the bittersweet taste of almonds and sugar, hence the two called them Amaretti. Since then almost nothing has changed: the original recipe, the quality of the ingredients and the slow cooking contribute altogether to deliver the full pleasure of the authentic Amaretti di Saronno, whose uniqueness made them the flagship of Lazzaroni specialties. A great holiday and gift item.

Lazzaroni has continued to faithfully produce their Italian cookies in the best Italian confectionary tradition since the original recipe was developed in 1888. The cookies come beautifully packaged in a variety of different tins and boxes. Lazzaroni is happy to offer a range of tins based on vintage advertising and pop art comics in addition to the classics line. Although traditional for the holidays, the tins are perfect year round and feature fun, on trend colors.