Amedei 75% “9”



Taste: Cecilia Tessieri, Chocolate Maker, created a powerful and balanced dark chocolate, in which the aromas of the 9 plantations persist in the unmistakable flavor of this chocolate.

Aromas: Fresh aroma of cacao and hot chocolate. Notes of forest undergrowth and wood.

Available in: 50 gr

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"9" is the "family treasure" and expresses the Amedei philosophy. This signature blend uses cacao that are sourced from 9 plantations which, over the years, have been discovered, restored and rendered productive by Amedei.

AMEDEI TUSCANY is located in the picturesque town of Pontedera, outside Pisa in the Tuscan countryside. There they craft the most beautiful chocolate using only the best cocoa—Trinitario & Criollo beans. Cecilia Tessieri started AMEDEI TUSCANY in 1998 with her first bean-to-bar chocolate bar, Toscano Black 70%. Amedei is known for being one of the originators of small batch, direct trade, bean-to-bar chocolate. Amedei directly sources the beans from the most prestigious growers of cocoa from South America, Madagascar, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Grenada. This allows Amedei to know precisely where their beans originate, establish the cocoa's high quality and ensure that the growers are fairly compensated. For over a decade, Amedei has gained international fame, often cited as "The World's Best Chocolate" while taking home multiple Best in Show awards from the prestigious London Academy of Chocolate.