Villa Manodori Organic Balsamic



A bold experiment in purity.

Trebbiano mosto cotto is artfully blended with organic Chianti wine vinegar.

Its intense aroma and taste were achieved without wood barrel aging.

Certified organic by ICEA.

Available in: 250 ML

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Villa Manodori Organic Balsamico is a bold experiment in purity. Certified organic by Italy's ICEA, this balsamico has been produced through a process unique to Villa Manodori. Certified Organic Trebbiano grape must and organic Chianti wine vinegar.

The Villa Manodori line is crafted by world-famous three-Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura of Modena, Italy. The name Villa Manodori harks back to a 16th century estate located in Modena’s countryside. He says that “Inspiration comes from the world around me- from art, music, slow food and fast cars.” Chef Bottura takes great pride in Modenese culinary traditions and products.