Villa Manodori Extra Vecchio Gold Traditional Balsamic (Older Than 25 Years)



Tradizionale Balsamic of Modena

Extra Vecchio (Gold Seal)

Aged over 25 years

Each bottle is packaged in Consortium glass with seal

Three star ***Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura's booklet of recipes is included.

Available in: 100 ml

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Villa Manodori's Tradizionale Balsamic of Modena is Extra Vecchio (Gold Seal). It is submitted to the Consortium of Modena only after being aged at least 25 years. Each bottle is packaged in Consortium glass that bears the Consortium Seal, to signify authenticity, alongside Villa Manodori's logo. Three star *** Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura's booklet of recipes is also included.

The name Villa Manodori harks back to a 16th century estate located in Modena's countryside. Great feasts of
local game were often the custom at the Estensi Estate. Their renowned aceto balsamico was served as a digestive at the end of each meal. Chef Bottura takes great pride in Modenese culinary traditions and products. He has been commited over the past twelve years to restoring the Villa Manodori Acetaia to its noble past.


Villa Manodori is a collection in which Chef Massimo Bottura has applied his creative skills to the production of extra virgin olive oil, Essenziale, a collection of oils made from 100% natural plant oils combined with extra virgin olive oil, and an assortment of authentically-crafted balsamic vinegars. Made in the artisanal style and produced in limited quantities, these versatile condiments are enjoyed throughout the world.


In 2016, Chef Bottura's restaurant, Osteria Fracescana was named the number one restaurant at The World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards in New York CIty. Located in Modena, Italy, it is the first time ever that an Italian Restaurant has achieved this standing.