Tentazioni Truffle Products

Surrounding woods of oak trees, at the foot of Mount Catria and Nerone Acqualagna in Italy lays the incomparable, yet brief fall-harvest, white truffle. Over two thirds of the entire national truffle production comes from the Acqualagna region. The Bernardino family-owned and operated Italian company T & C - Temptation ("Temptation") is famous for preserving truffles from Acqualagna using their own unique and modern techniques. Tentazioni products offer present-day home cooks the same elegant and refined truffle taste (year-round) that has been enjoyed for centuries by emperors, popes, princes and nobles.

  • Mushroom & Truffle Spreadable Condiment (5.71 Ounces) Glass Jar
  • ?Mushroom, Olive & Truffle Condiment and Sauce (5.71 Ounces) Glass Jar
  • White Truffle Sauce (5.71 Ounces) Glass Jar
  • White Truffle Acacia Honey (8.2 Ounces) Glass Jar
  • ?Truffle Stock (1 lb.) Tub

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  • Truffles confer graceful refinement and sophisticated flavor to everyday dishes: the simplest risotto, the humble fried egg, the common steak or escalope, an ordinary pasta dish with butter, a canapĂ© or even a sandwich.