Illa De Riu Spanish Rice

In 1917 Jose del Romero, a Barcelona-born commanding officer in the merchant navy, acquired an immense estate on the River Ebro Delta known as Illa de Riu (River Island). The pure river water and sublime climate of the island have produced a long tradition of premier rice production. Today, the third generation Trias family is dedicated to growing one of the region's most appreciated rice varieties, "Bomba," under the brand name Illa de Riu. In addition, the family produces its own certified seed rice and holds the title: Official Qualification of Seed Selectors. In cultivating their own seed, and growing it without the need for third party involvement, the family assures maximum quality, which results in a pure rice variety with consistent character and uniformity.

The finest restaurants and specialty shops in Spain and around the world seek Illa de Riu Bomba rice for making paella. Packaged with a double-seal interior to ensure perfect freshness.

  • Bomba Illa De Riu (2.2 lbs) Bag

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  • Cultivated since the last century, Bomba rice is appreciated for its culinary quality. Expanding to twice its length upon cooking, the rice does not contain a single grain of other varieties. Enjoyed by the most discriminating chefs, the rice has a consistent flavor, texture, appearance and cooking temperature - never becoming glutinous (sticky).