L'Estornell Olives

VEA of Catalonia, Spain's leading family-owned producer of extra virgin olive oils offers three varieties of exquisite, flavorful table olives. Each type represents the best regions in which L'Estornell extra virgin olive oils are produced: Catalonia (Arbequina), Aragon (Farga Aragon) and Andalusia (Manzanilla). The olives are carefully selected from the tree and placed in water and salt for a minimum of three months. They are then rinsed and bottled with fresh water, salt and aromatic herbs. An effervescent reaction may occur when opening; this reaction is normal since the olives are completely natural (no preservatives or chemicals used). Beautifully packaged with colorful, artful labels in 10-ounce glass jars.

  • Arbequina Olives (12 Ounces) Glass jar
  • Manzanilla Olives (12 Ounces) Glass jar
  • Farga Olives (12 Ounces) Glass jar
  • Food service sizes available

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  • Farga Aragon From the province of Aragon, Spain; deep brown dappled skin, tender flesh and pleasant briny bite.

    Arbequina From the province of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain; reddish-green hue with a meaty flesh, crunchy texture and almond-y herbal after taste.

    Manzanilla From the province of Caceres, Spain; green and crisp flesh with a tart, smoky tastiness.