Vea Coffee Oil

VEA of Catalonia, northern Spainís leading family-owned producer of olive oils, offers an exciting new innovation: Coffee oil. Made from a mixture of fruity Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and virgin coffee oil, the hand-selected, roasted Arabic coffee beans are obtained from the prestigious area of Antigua in Guatemala. Gold green in color with a heady coffee aroma, use this unique oil to enhance an array of dishes, especially confections.

  • 250ML (8.5 Ounces)

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  • A surprising pleasant sensation in the mouth arises when the pungent, textured olive oil mingles with nutty, spicy coffee beans - smooth, like a fine espresso.

  • The VEA family uses Coffee oil on grilled tuna, to make sorbet and biscuits, for marinating seafood and fowl, in lamb meatballs and roasted meats, with avocado and endive, to dress potatoes or beet root, and mixed with balsamic vinegar in mussel salad.