A L'Olivier Olive Oil Spreads

Oil specialists since 1822, A L'Olivier has developed an innovative, convenient and tasty olive oil spread. Available in five varieties - natural, basil, garlic & herbs, lemon and truffle - it spreads like butter, requires no refrigeration until opened, and has a one-year shelf life. Flavorful and healthful, A L'Olivier olive oil spreads are a fun, new pantry essential that adds piquant taste to recipes.

  • 500 g (6.07 oz.) Natural
  • 500 g (6.07 oz.) Basil
  • 500 g (6.07 oz.) Garlic & Herbs
  • 500 g (6.07 oz.) Lemon
  • 500 g (6.07 oz.) Truffle
  • 2009 Award - Winner Outstanding Product Line at the Fancy Food Show

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  • Natural Pungent and fruity olive flavor; use as a butter replacement for sandwiches, toast, vegetables and grains.

    Basil Olive oil infused with fresh picked basil; slather on grilled bread and pasta.

    Garlic & Herbs Precise balance of garlic, thyme, chives and parsley; specifically created to accompany shellfish, but also delicious with vegetables and meats.

    Lemon Citrusy aroma and flavor; use with smoked salmon, grilled seafood and cooked vegetables.

    Truffle Earthy perfume and taste; enliven hors d'oeuvers, rice, potatoes and egg dishes.

  • A new culinary creation, A L'Olivier olive oil spreads offer all the health benefits of olive oil in an easy-to-use, naturally flavored spreadable form. The spreads are made without artificial coloring, additives or preservatives and are especially helpful to those who cannot eat butter or dairy products.