TerraMater Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This premium early-harvest-style Chilean oil comes from the country's oldest family-owned wine and oil estate located above sea on the Mataquito River south of Santiago, Chile. Established in the 1950s TerraMater's (Mother Earth) superlative characteristics are derived from the region's abundant sunshine and clear waters of the Andes Mountains. State-of-the-art machinery imported from Italy guarantees this new-world oil is produced with old-world technique and care. The fresh and fruity young oil is green when extracted (harvested in April and released in May), mellowing into an intense gold over time.

  • 500ML (16.9 Ounces)

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  • TerraMater offers a clean, grassy aroma with notes of green tomato and banana. It maintains it's herbal bouquet over time and becomes pleasantly pungent.

  • Use South American-style with fried potatoes, grilled fish and meats. Drizzle on salads and raw or cooked vegetables. TerraMater is also ideal for baking; it makes exceptionally soft and flexible dough.