Tenuta del Numerouno Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In southwestern Tuscany, nestled in rolling hills above the sea, lies the estate of Countess Romana Bicocchi Pichi. It is here that the highly prized Tenuta del Numerouno is produced. Along with the benefit of a seaside local and extraordinary care; the mature olives are harvested entirely by hand and cold pressed in a traditional antique mill on the premises. Made with loving care, each step is supervised by a family member. This natural "born," unfiltered and dense oil has a unique balance of mild flavor and intense fruity aroma.

  • 750ML (25.3 Ounces)
  • 500ML (17 Ounces)

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  • Tenuta del Numerouno offers the deep vibrant taste of extra virgin olive oil without the peppery aftertaste characteristic of other Tuscan oils produced from olives grown at high elevations. Tenuta del Numerouno has a "softer," pleasing flavor that is compatible with even the mildest food. The occasional sediment and somewhat cloudy appearance are due to the fact that the oil is bottled unfiltered in order to preserve its natural qualities and character.

  • Appreciated by chefs for its versatility, Tenuta del Numerouno is recommended for dressing salads and greens, as a finish to soups and stews and as the baking fat in Italian cookies and cakes.