Olio Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Award-winning Olio Santo extra virgin olive oil is one of the most respected oils produced in California. Chef Michael Chiarello created Olio Santo after opening the famed Tra Vigne restaurant in Napa Valley in 1986. Olio Santo early-harvest, cold-pressed oil is blended in small batches to insure consistent quality and full-bodied, assertive olive flavor. Each bottle is harvest dated.

  • 500ML (16.9 Ounces)

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  • Olio Santo delivers a bright, pleasant grassy aroma with a pure, fruity and bold olive flavor.

  • Use Olio Santo for sautes, vinaigrettes, marinades, and bruschetta. For any recipe that demands a finish of top-notch oil. Barefoot Contessa author Ina Garten recommends Olio Santo as one of the seven staple ingredients every home chef should have in the cupboard.