Lérida Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every bottle of Lérida extra virgin olive oil is produced under the watchful eye of a VEA family member in the Catalonia region of northern Spain. During the 1920s Don Domingo Vea pioneered the olive used to cultivate Lérida oil. The small lean Arbequina olive is early-harvested with extreme care when they are slightly under ripe, to render this elegant oil. The cultivation process has remained organic and the olives are handpicked so as not to bruise the fruit and thereby adversely affect the oil's renowned buttery smooth, yet complex taste and delicate fruity aroma.

  • 1L (34 Ounces)
  • 500ML (16.9 Ounces)
  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces)

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  • The Arbequina olive used to create L�rida is picked very early, and the young, green olives are ground at low temperature producing very aromatic oil with a fruity flavor. This sensation of freshness, as well as an aftertaste of almonds is characteristic of the oils from this region.

  • Lérida oil's delicate, pleasantly green pure taste is best appreciated drizzled on salads, olives, fresh cheese, beans and seafood. Also, use to embellish Spanish tapas.

  • The "Sinolea" method used to process Lérida oil is based on a dripping system that consists of tension between water and oil, dripped in a natural form. During the extraction, the oil does not suffer any aggression, so the quality it is very high and the acidity of Lérida oil is very low. The result is stable oil that resists harmful oxidation.