Colonna Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On her family property in southeastern Italy's unspoiled Molise region on the Adriatic coast, olive trees are personally tended and cared for by Marina Colonna. Marina's experienced palate, together with the consultant taster's sensorial analysis, produces the premium extra virgin olive oil that carries the historic Colonna name. Using select olive varieties, a harmonious blend is created in which the bitter and the piquant tones are perfectly balanced in a rich, smooth, medium-fruity extra virgin olive oil.

  • 750ML (25 Ounces) Decanter
  • 500ML (16.9 Ounces) Square Bottle
  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces) Decanter

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  • The selection and mixing of Colonna oils achieve the perfect balance of aroma and flavor: verdant grass perfume, sweet almond taste with a delicate touch of artichoke and bitter herbs and slightly pungent finish.

  • Use the oil as local Italians do: to dress prepared fish and shellfish, for vegetable preserves popular in Molise, like eggplant salad or pungent green rocket leaves. Roast young lamb, pasta, farro soup, potatoes and traditional sheep milk cheese are all enhanced with a finishing touch of Colonna extra virgin olive oil.