Esprit Du Sel Caramels

Known as the saunier's ("salt gatherer's") delight, Espirt Du Sel caramels with genuine fleur de sel are a quintessential French country confection. Produced on the historic island of RĂ© -- where salt has been hand-harvested from the sea since the VII century -- the caramels are made with pure butter and whole milk from Poitou-Charentes, sugar and Pineau Des Charentes wine. Creamy-soft with a long-lasting, melt-in-the mouth texture, the caramels have a rich, buttery-sweet-salty tastiness. Espirt Du Sel also offers the same delectable caramels with the addition of local French honey.

  • Espirt Du Sel Caramels (5 oz. - 16 per package)
  • Espirt Du Sel Caramels with Honey (5 oz. -16 per package)

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