Caffe Vergnano Coffee

Caffe Vergnano is regarded as one of the most prestigious coffee roasters in Italy. In 1882, with humble beginnings, Domenico Vergnano started a small grocery store in the village of Chieri, Italy specializing in the roasting and sale of coffee beans. During the 1930s Domenico acquired a coffee producing farm in Kenya and opened three warehouses located in Torino, Alba and Chieri. The 1970s brought? construction of a factory in Santena and now, over 128 years later, the company is run by the fourth generation of the Vergnano family.

Artisan-style Caffe Vergnano Italian coffees are apppreciated around the world. Through generations of experience, Vergnano masterfully roasts and blends their coffees using the best beans meticulously selected from 15 different countries. Caffe Vergnano is the only coffee company that roasts every single origin separately because the founders believe each variety requires a distinct temperature and timing to create exquisite coffee. Premium blends are mixed only after roasting.

In addition, the coffee is produced according to environmentally responsible practices. From espresso to drip, Caffe Vergnano offers coffee lovers the chance to experience one-of-a-kind, traditionally-crafted coffee of exceptional quality, taste and integrity. Packed in protective containers to keep fresh and extend shelf life.

  • 100% Arabica - Fine Grind (8.8 Ounces) Tin
  • 100% Arabica - Medium Grind "Drip Coffee" (8.8 Ounces) Tin
  • 100% Arabica - Decaffeinated (8.8 Ounces) Tin
  • 100% Arabica Beans (8.8 Ounces) Box
  • 100% Arabica Pods (.25 Ounces) Box
  • Instant Cappuccino (4.41 Ounces) Foil-sealed sack
  • Food service sizes available

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  • Highly-prized pure coffee bean varieties like Arabica (from Central and South America) are grow at specific altitudes with particular climatic conditions in mineral-rich soil. Vergnano Arabica has a delicate flavor with a smooth aroma.

    The traditional slow roasting process, the most delicate part of coffee-making, is carried out using different cooking times and temperatures for each origin of coffee bean. Roasted about four times longer than most industrial coffees, the beans take on subtle, smooth flavors. Caffe Vergnano roasts each variety separately before blending to bring out the bean's unique character.

  • Fine grind perfect for use in Espresso machines

    Medium grind ideal for Mocha, French Press and Drip coffee makers

    Decaffeinated for evening use and Espresso Machines; caffeine-free

    Arabica Pods fine blend in ecological filter paper pods; contains the precise proportion of coffee to use for espresso at home or in the office

    Instant Cappuccino made with select coffee and milk according to the classic Italian tradition

    Arabica Drip Beans delicate flavor and low caffeine content