Villa Manodori Organic Balsamico

Villa Manodori Organic Balsamico is a bold experiment in purity by Chef Massimo Bottura, owner of two-star Michelin restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Certified organic by Italy's ICEA, this balsamic vinegar has been produced through a process unique to Villa Manodori. Created without the benefit of wood-barrel aging, organically grown Trebbiano grapes are reduced into must (unfermented grape juice) and artfully blended with vinegar from organic Chianti grapes. Villa Manodori provides all the mouthwatering taste characteristics of top-quality balsamic vinegar - vibrant aroma, rich, sweet-tart flavor and rustic texture - with sustainable ingredients.

Visit Chef Massimo Bottura's two-star Michelin restaurant, Osteria Francescana at

  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces) Glass

USDA Organic

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