Villa Manodori Aceto Balsamico of Modena 'Artigianale'

Villa Manodori Aceto Balsamico 'Artigianale' (authentic balsamic vinegar) is a carefully crafted labor of love from Chef Massimo Bottura, owner of two-star Michelin restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Made in the tradizionale style and produced in limited quantities, the vinegar is a creative blend of several ages of aceto balsamico that is designed to hold up to heat without turning bitter. Maturing in barrels of oak, chestnut and juniper, the vinegar develops a shiny ebony color, pleasant woody aroma and raisin-sweet, tart taste with a maple syrup texture. A true original, this versatile condiment is enjoyed as an alternative to precious traditional balsamic.

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  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces) Glass
  • 2001 Award - Winner Outstanding Vinegar at the Fancy Food Show

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  • Use this sweet dense vinegar to add rich consistency to sauces and marinades and to embellish raw and cooked vegetables, grilled meats and fruit desserts. Its bold sweet-tart flavor is designed to hold up to the heat of cooking without turning bitter.