De Medici Gastronomia Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Crafted by a small-scale artisan winemaking family in Modena, Italy, De Medici Gastronomia balsamic vinegar is made with local Trebbiano grapes and rare varietal Sangiovese red grapes. Aged in oak barrels for five years, this superbly flavored, smooth and fragrant balsamic vinegar is a reflection of the family's impressive enological skills. An essential pantry item at a remarkable value, De Medici balsamic complements both fresh and cooked edibles.

  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces) Glass

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  • The family's winemaking skills endow the vinegar with a complex and well-balanced bittersweet quality, perfect taste of sweet and sour.

  • Versatile and economical, De Medici balsamic is intended for everyday use. Drizzle the vinegar on salads, roasted vegetables, legumes, meats and raw fruits.