Cavalli Riserva Nando Balsamic of Reggio Emilia

Intended for connoisseurs, Cavalli Riserva Nando Balsamic is named for Ferdinando ("Nando") Cavalli, Founder of the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic producers of Reggio Emilia. The condiment's irresistible characteristics are due to additional years of aging in antique mulberry and juniper barrels Nando collected as a hobby. The hundred-year-old heirloom wood produces a dark, shiny sable-colored extract that is graced with rich, port-like flavor. Enjoy the same extraordinarily crafted balsamic condiment that the late Nando chose for his personal use.

  • 250ML (8.45 Ounces) Glass

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  • Cavalli Riserva Nando Balsamic syrup-like density and subtle wood aroma reveals a pleasant, well-balanced sweet-tart flavor.

  • Follow the lead of the best chefs and use this alluring balsamic vinegar to elevate salads, sauces, marinades, vegetables, meat and fruit. Glaze roasted pearl onions or turnips, add richness to stews, drizzle on grilled meats and mingle with fresh berries, oranges or melon.