Sapori di Casa Hand-Crafted Egg Pasta

A small family-owned company, Sapori di Casa handcrafts one of the highest quality egg pastas in Italy. Using specially designed machinery, Sapori di Casa employs an exclusive, unique and original process to pasta making. Using Italian type 00 wheat flour (flour with high protein content used for bread-making rather than cakes), eggs are broken just before production in order to obtain a pasta with "plenty of body" that doesn't break into pieces while cooking. The pasta is also processed into a thin, very soft and porous layer, which allows for short cooking time (1-2 minutes). Sapori di Casa egg pasta is pure, light, tasteful and wholesome; the perfect complement to all your favorite sauces.

  • Chitarre (9 ounces) Box
  • Fettucine (9 ounces) Box
  • Maccheroncini (9 ounces) Box
  • Tagliatelle (9 ounces) Box
  • Tagliolini (9 ounces) Box
  • Pappardelle (9 ounces) Box
  • Sage (9 ounces) Box
  • Pepper (9 ounces) Box
  • Spinach (9 ounces) Box

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