Campanini Italian Rice

For three generations Campanini has produced custom-milled rice at their small-specialized riseria where each production step is under the supervision of a family member. The rice is pure and natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment. The Campanini family offers three distinct rice varieties: Arborio, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli, each providing a unique and delicious taste, quality and cooking application.

  • Arborio (1 lb.) Box
  • Vialone Nano (1 lb.) Box
  • Carnaroli (1 lb.) Box
  • Food service sizes available

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  • Arborio This rice has a very wide and long grain with a central wide pearl. Arborio is the most well known Italian rice and it cooks in about 14 minutes. During cooking the external part of the grain cooks more quickly than the central part, which stays "al dente." It's high starch content gives risotto a firm texture.

    ?Vialone Nano The traditional rice of Mantua and Veneto, Vialone Nano has a round, short grain with a central wide pearl. It can absorb twice it's own grain weight in liquid and for this reason it is the ideal rice for creamy risotto with vegetables, mushrooms and meats. Cooking time is about 15 minutes.?

    Carnaroli Rice with a long, slender, tapering grain and central wide pearl, Carnaroli cooks uniformly without overcooking. It blends well with vegetables and condiments for rice salad and pilaf and makes a slightly less creamy risotto than Vialone Nano. It cooks in about 16 minutes.?