A L'Olivier Infused Oils

France's most respected oil specialist, A L´ Olivier, has fashioned a selection of infused oils called "Collection 1822" (the date the company was founded) packaged in charming, colorful, old-world tins. Made with A L'Olivier top-quality extra virgin olive oil, these lively, luscious and versatile oils are offered in a convenient 8.3 oz. size. Dedicated foodies will want to stock their kitchen with several flavors.

  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Basil
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Garlic & Thyme
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Provencal Herb
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Lemon Ginger
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Porcini & Truffle
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Hot Chili
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Sundried Tomato
  • 250ML (8.3 Ounces) Wok
  • 2009 Award - Winner Outstanding Product Line at the Fancy Food Show

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  • Basil Appealing, pungent basil aroma and flavor; drizzle on fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, goat cheese, ratatouille, soups and pasta.

    Garlic & Thyme Savory Mediterranean blend with bold garlic scent and fresh herb flavor: use to complement green salads, marinade, leg of lamb and grilled meats.

    Provencal Herb Classical French mix with herby, piquant scent and taste; embellish seafood, grilled meats and legumes.

    Lemon Ginger Zesty flavor and gingery perfume; enlivens seafood, chicken, vegetables and Asian-style salads.

    Porcini & Truffle Woodsy mushroom taste and earthy black truffle fragrance; ideal for enhancing risotto, pasta, potatoes, omelettes and sauces.

    Hot Chili Petite red peppers supply bold, spicy heat; sprinkle on grains, grilled vegetables and pasta.

    Sundried Tomato Rich, smoky, roasted tomato flavor - made with Sicilian fruits; classic, all-purpose condiment for grilled bread, pasta and seafood.

    Wok Appetizing combination of sunflower, olive and sesame oils with extracts of ginger and garlic; essential for stir-fries, grilled dishes, Chinese noodles and marinades.